Odana Bloomfield - Our Story

ODANA BLOOMFIELD - the new face of Odana Editions and Bloomfield Galleries.

In 1973 Lin Bloomfield founded Bloomfield Galleries in Sydney, first at Crows Nest and from 1975 to 1994 in Paddington. The gallery exhibited established and up-and-coming artists with solo and group exhibitions. Major exhibitions included Norman Lindsay, Frank Hinder, Ralph Balson, Bill Pidgeon and Vincent Brown. Other artists represented by the gallery were Jeremy Gordon, Angus Nivison, Hadyn Wilson, Liz Cumming, Charlie Cooper, Barry Otto and Ruth Faeber.

Odana Editions was established in 1974 originally as the publishing arm of Bloomfield Galleries. The Norman Lindsay Facsimile Etchings were the first foray into publishing for Odana. From the publication of Odana's first book, Frank Hinder: Lithographs in 1978, Odana Editions has developed into an independent publisher of high quality books on Australian artists and limited edition art reproductions by Norman Lindsay.

Major published works include The Complete Etchings of Norman Lindsay in 1998, Norman Lindsay Etchings: Catalogue Raisonne in 1999 and Rose Lindsay: A Model Life in 2001. Norman Lindsay: Artful Cats followed in November 2001.

Norman Lindsay: Watercolours 1897-1969 was released at the end of 2003 with a companion volume Norman Lindsay: Oil Paintings 1889-1969 published November 2006. Both these editions will complement the books on Norman's etchings. In 2008 Norman Lindsay: 80 Years of Pencil Drawings was released.

Lin researches, writes and edits Odana Editions' books. Company directors, Jane and Rebecca (Lin's daughters), run the gallery and publishing side of the business on a day-to-day basis. In 2012 the gallery premises moved from Bungendore village to outside Bungendore where Jane and Rebecca now work.

In 2015, Odana Editions and Bloomfield Galleries combined to become Odana Bloomfield. The merge streamlined our business and complemented our eCommerce website.

We are celebrating 50 years of Bloomfield Galleries in 2023 and 50 years of Odana Editions in 2024. We are releasing Norman Lindsay Facsimile Etchings in both these years as well as the second edition of Norman Lindsay Etchings: Catalogue Raisonne.

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