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Meg Stewart

Meg Stewart, filmmaker turned journalist, author and cat person, is the daughter of artist Margaret Coen and poet Douglas Stewart. For the first six years of her life, she lived in what had earlier been the painting studio of Norman Lindsay at 12 Bridge Street, Sydney. During her childhood and teenage years, she was a frequent visitor to the Springwood retreat of the Lindsays and had a personal acquaintance with at least some of its fabled tribe of cats.

1985 - Autobiography of My Mother (reprinted 1987)
1987 - Douglas Stewart's Garden of Friends (Illustrator)
1995 - The Woman I Am: Poems by Nancy Keesing (Introduction and editor)
1997 - Margaret Coen: A Passion for Painting
1999 - Modern Men Don't Shift Fridges
2001 - The Dream Life of Harry Moon: A Novel
2001 - Norman Lindsay: Artful Cats (Introduction)
2005 - Margaret Olley: Far From a Still Life (reprinted 2006 and 2007; revised and updated 2012)

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